project sector from to
@cepezed ns info point public/commercial/station/product Oct-14 May-17
@cepezed industrial and office building offices/renovation/industrial Sep-16 Apr-17
@cepezed residential dwelling concept dwelling/product Apr-16 Apr-17
@cepezed residential dwelling Oude Delft Delft dwelling/renovation/monumentalal Feb-15 Apr-17
@cepezed office building Nieuwelaan Delft offices/circulair building Mar-15 Apr-17
@cepezed customs inspection terminal industrial/offices/redevelopment May-15 Apr-17
@J1architectuur healthcare center Apeldoorn offices/healthcare/gezondheid Oct-16 Nov-16
@cepezed industrial and office building Scheveningen offices/renovation/industrial Aug-16 Oct-16
@J1architectuur residential dwelling 'de Hoop' Harlingen dwelling/renovation/monumental Feb-16 Oct-16
@cepezed redevelopment office building Groningen offices/renovation Aug-16 Aug-16
@cepezed temporary courthouse Amsterdam offices/circulair Sep-14 Jul-16
@cepezed Orangerie castle Endegeest Oestgeest offices/healthcare/renovation/monumental Feb-16 Jun-16
@J1architectuur building system for bungalows dwelling Feb-16 Apr-16
@cepezed police services center rotterdamRotterdam offices/renovation Aug-15 Sep-15
@cepezed office cepezed Delft offices/renovation/monumental May-12 Sep-14
@J1architectuur residential dwelling Westerstraat Delft dwelling/renovation Mar-11 Aug-13
@cepezed CHDR II Leiden offices/healthcare/gezondheid May-10 Jun-13
@cepezed sports hall Zaandam onderwijs/sport Feb-13 May-13
@J1architectuur residential dwelling Ratzenburglaan Apeldoorn dwelling/renovation/monumental Mar-13 Apr-13
@cepezed ov knoop Tilburg commercie/station Apr-10 Oct-12
@cepezed the data center group Delft industrial Jan-11 Oct-12
@cepezed redevelopment veilingwegcomplex Rotterdam offices Dec-17 Apr-12
@cepezed Haga Leyweg Den Haag offices/healthcare/gezondheid Jan-12 Apr-12
@cepezed Witte toren HVC Rotterdam offices/renovation Jul-11 Nov-11
@cepezed ASR Utrecht offices May-11 Jun-11
@J1architectuur residential dwelling Zuiderhaven Harlingen dwelling/renovation/monumental Jan-11 Jun-11
@cepezed Danone Utrecht offices/laboratorium Mar-11 May-11
@cepezed Avery 2 locaties offices Jan-11 Jan-11
@cepezed Delflandplein Amsterdam offices/multiple occupancy building Jan-09 Sep-09
@cepezed residential dwelling Haren dwelling/renovation/monumental Nov-08 Feb-09
@cepezed Alpha Trade Centre Alphen a/d Rijn offices/multiple occupancy building Aug-08 Oct-08
@olafgipser residential dwelling 'eco house' Roskilde dwelling May-06 Jul-06
@olafgipser Culture Yard Helsingoer cultural/renovation/monumental Feb-06 Mar-06
@olafgipser Broadway New York City (USA) dwelling Jul-05 Nov-05
@ TU Delft theatre at zee Scheveningen cultural 2007
@ TU Delft design with wind Leiden offices 2006
@ TU Delft media centre Amsterdam cultural 2005
@ TU Delft museum Delft cultural 2004
@Hanzehogeschool multifunctional building Oostwold cultural 2004